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Bilateral, weight bearing scans of the foot & ankle give physicians the information they need to assess the biomechanical spatial relationships and alignment of the lower extremities

Quick Scan Times

Less than 48 seconds a scan

0.3mm Slices + X-Ray Views

3D Reconstructions, Multi-Planar Slices, Simulated X-Ray Views

DICOM/PACS Compatible

Ultra Low Dose

Fits Anywhere

  • 48" x 58" footprint
  • Self-shielded
  • Standard 115(US)/220(Int) VAC Outlet

Standard Billing

CPT Code 73700 - CT Lower Extremity

Clinical Images

  • ankle arthritis

    Ankle arthritis

  • Bilateral Bone Detail

    Bilateral scan

  • calcaneo fibular impingement

    Fibular impingement

  • 1st MT bone spur

    Bone Spur

  • Talar navicular non union sagittal

    Talar Navicular Non-Union

  • two feet whole

    3D Rendering

Weight Bearing Difference

Weight Bearing Difference

Weight bearing CT provides three-dimensional biomechanically accurate views of bone morphology, alignment and joint spaces.

The American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society recommends standing (weight bearing) imaging, when possible, to get the most accurate assessment of the foot and ankle. The indications for weight bearing CT are broader than the indications for a lower extremity study on a helical medical CT system. For example, weight bearing CT can be used to investigate rotational dynamics of the hindfoot.

Weight bearing CT is unencumbered by overlapping anatomy, and is shown to be more sensitive and accurate for detection of osteophytes and subchondral cysts than conventional fixed-flexion radiography.

Low Dose

Low Dose

The effective radiation dose of pedCAT 3D scan is comparable to a few hours of equivalent background radiation. To put it in perspective, a pedCAT scan effective radiation dose is at most about 6 micro Sieverts, and the average person in the U.S. receives an effective radiation dose of about 3000 micro Sieverts per year from naturally occurring radioactive materials and cosmic radiation from outer space.

Courtesy: Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. Website

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